Changing Brand Identity Van Phu - Invest and Establish Residential Real Estate Standards


2021 is a turning point for Van Phu - Invest with brand identity standardization and enhancement. The company has changed brand identities and established a set of residential real estate standards for three product lines namely Vlasta - Standard segment, The Terra - Premium segment and Grandeur Palace - Luxury segment.

Van Phu - Invest, a real estate developer consistent with the mission of "dedicating to creating life values", marked its significant 18-year milestone by changing its brand identity in 2021, with the desire to overcome challenges in the future journey.


Van Phu - Invest Investment Joint Stock Company changed to a new brand identity.

Creating life values with dedication

More than a decade ago, in the swampy land of the old Ha Tay province, Van Phu - Invest started developing the Van Phu New Urban Area - Ha Dong. The project's master plan was inspired by Japan's modern and green cities. It took the shape of a miniature city in the heart of Ha Dong at that time, a perfect combination of housing areas, green parks and infrastructures. Nowadays, Van Phu New Urban Area successfully created a lively and prosperous community, changing the "face" of Western Hanoi.

Since the initial cornerstone project named Van Phu New Urban Area - Ha Dong, Van Phu - Invest has affirmed its reputable brand in the real estate market with dozens of projects being carried out nationwide. During the meticulous preparation for each project, Van Phu - Invest always respects the natural environment and combines harmoniously the core values of Eastern philosophy with the essence of Western civilisation. In every project with distinctive terrain conditions, the company pours its whole heart and soul into researching to develop ideal planning and design to ensure the project blend in with the natural environment, while being proper to the local culture and customers' lifestyle. Therefore, Van Phu - Invest has created green, modern and sustainable buildings, being a dedicated real estate developer in the customer's heart.

During the last two decades, Van Phu - Invest has always firmly believed that building contented homes and enriching the physical and spiritual life of residents is the key to a successful project.

Changing the Brand Identity to mark a significant milestone



The new logo transforms into a different one (with a creative visual) while still inheriting from the old logo (the text).

Owing to an established solid basis and ambitious goals, Van Phu - Invest stepping into the new decade with the desire of asserting its place not only in Vietnam but also in the international markets. One of the most important milestones in the renovation path of Van Phu - Invest is the official change of brand identity.

Accordingly, the new Van Phu - Invest logo consists of two parts: visuals and text. The text remains the same as it was in the previous design to reaffirm Van Phu - Invest's brand while symbolizing the company's viewpoint to maintain its original values after many years of development.

Meanwhile, the visual part is creative and innovative, leaving an impression via its liberal simplicity of three horizontal curves. The new logo is deemed to be a metaphor carrying multiple meanings.

In terms of the overall image, the logo has a heart shape symbolizing the devotion of the whole Van Phu staff to create values in life, just as the brand positioning indicates: "Dedicated to creating life values". The logo also illustrates a stylized hand facing upwards to cherish the essence of life. The hand is also a sign of the independence of the company, relying on one's own power to develop and gradually affirm a higher position in the market.

In another aspect, the logo has a stylized V form, which symbolizes the letter V in the name "Van Phu - Invest." The new design also represents the desire for future success, as depicted by the illustration of the crane's wings, the traditional symbol of the nation that often historically appears on bronze drums. The crane's long and delicate wings convey great fortune and optimism for a peaceful, happy, and fulfilling life. Furthermore, the logo implies images of maturity, strength, and a determination to face challenges like the images of the wings sailing into the wind, boldly pressing ahead to demonstrate their might.



The new logo of Van Phu - Invest is symbolic and multi-meaningful

When diving into the details of the logo visual part, the representative of Van Phu - Invest stated that the logo is formed of three horizontal lines. These three lines make a huge V by combining three small "Vs". The bottom "V", meaning Victory, is an affirmation of Van Phu - Invest's early achievements, with the first project being Van Phu New Urban Area, Ha Dong District. From the basic foundation, the second "V" - Vision, placed in the center, is a vital connection orienting Van Phu - Invest's future missions. Van Phu - Invest brings the top "V" - Values, to the community and society from a proper vision, open and rich in humanity.

The number "3" in the logo carries many various factors that the company wishes to express. First, they are the three virtues being part of Van Phu's corporate culture, meaning "Sacrifice," "Forbearance," and "Diligence". Second, number 3 denotes "Auspicious natural conditions", "Favourable geographical conditions", and "Concord among the people". And third, it also means the three overarching aims of Van Phu - Invest over the years, "Cooperation - Development - Sustainability." Another symbol that the Van Phu - Invest logo carries is a spiral image, which represents inheritance and continuous progress with swirls traveling upward with nonstop expansion.

The representative number "3" in the logo of Van Phu - Invest.

By changing the logo that stands for the new goals, Van Phu - Invest will continue to spread its footprint to new regions in 2021, developing various projects in Bac Ninh, Hai Phong, Thua Thien Hue, Can Tho, Vung Tau, and HCMC... The company will continue establishing a large land fund for the development of coastal urban regions and new residential centers; continue to invest and grow in the field of real estate service operation management. Van Phu - Invest will also increase investment in tourism real estate and serviced apartments, etc.

Van Phu - Invest has taken steady strides on the challenging route of establishment and development. Accompanying the business on that journey is the unchanging philosophy of "dedicated to creating life values" to create appealing, modern, sustainable structures and a compassionate living environment for the community. After a turbulent 2020 pivot year, Van Phu - Invest will turn the obstacles of the times into new opportunities, making a strong breakthrough like a boat pushing ahead, overcoming enormous waves to make their presence known in the vast ocean.



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