Inauguration of Hung Kings Temple in Can Tho


On the evening of April 6, the inauguration ceremony of Hung Kings Temple in Can Tho city took place. The design and construction of this project were sponsored by Van Phu - Invest with enthusiasm and detailed research. It honours the architectural features of national identity and the quintessence of the times. The project is a strong connection with Hung Temple, Northland, a real highlight of the Mekong Delta region.

Temple of Hung Kings in Can Tho designed with unique architecture carrying cultural and spiritual significance, promises to become a new destination in Can Tho in particular and the Mekong Delta in general.

Inauguration ceremony of Hung King Temple themed “Ascension of Lac Hong's spirit”

The inauguration ceremony of the Hung King Temple was held on a large scale and solemnly in Binh Thuy Ward, Binh Thuy District, Can Tho City, with the presence of more than 500 guests.

The main entrance leading to the Temple of Hung Kings in Can Tho

The inauguration ceremony was themed “Ascension of Lac Hong's spirit”, with a real-life art performance, divided into three parts including Lac Hong Heroic History, Echoes of Heroic History and Ascension of Spirit, illustrated through many unique art forms such as Can Tho chanty, epics, bronze drum performances, Southern martial arts, Don ca tai tu, ethnic musical instrument symphony, choirs, etc. All were to open up more than 2,000 pages of the history of the Hung Kings' period - a legendary epic about the rising story of the Vietnamese people as a whole, accumulating in the historical flow of thousands of years to create a culture imbued with identity.

In the ceremony, the delegates touched the bronze drum podium to inaugurate the project, then offered incense in commemoration of the Hung Kings at the main temple and toured the entire project.

Speaking at the ceremony, leaders of Can Tho city expressed sincere gratitude toward Van Phu - Invest and awarded certificates of merit and medals to recognise the contributions of this sponsor to the construction of the Temple in particular and the development of Can Tho city and the region in general.

The Hung Kings Temple is the great altar to worship the legendary national ancestor Hung Kings; the two sides are altars of Forefather Lac Long Quan and Foremother Au Co, followed by two altars of Paladin and Military chief.

“Constructing such a meaningful work as the Temple of Hung Kings in Can Tho is the honour of Van Phu - Invest. The project was created with all the respect and enthusiasm of Van Phu - Invest and the local authorities in a long time. Through this work, Van Phu - Invest continues to affirm its dedicated mission of creating life values. Van Phu - Invest has carefully researched, designed and meticulously built the project. Each pattern at the temple is poured into the whole heart and souls of many people. Not only is the temple of Hung Kings an architectural work that is rich in artistic features, but also a legacy for future generations. Generations of descendants will always remember and pay tribute to the ancestors who founded the country and defended the country. At the same time, the works helps preserve and promote the national cultural values, that is the pride of every Vietnamese," shared Van Phu - Invest representative.

Temple of Hung Kings: a cultural and spiritual work rich in art

Started construction in mid-2019, the Temple of Hung Kings in Can Tho is located in Vo Van Kiet street, in the centralised administrative area and the Sports Center in Binh Thuy district, Area 7, Binh Thuy Ward, Binh Thuy District, Can Tho City. The project is sponsored by Van Phu - Invest with a total investment of VND 129.5 billion, and is a grade II cultural work, on a scale of more than 3.9 hectares, including a temple, operator building, and main entrances, stelae house, trees, lawn...

The main temple is surrounded by a lake and 54 pillars

The project's highlight is the main temple building with 18 stylised bows resembling a bronze drum image, surrounded by a lake. The bows are sculpted patterns representing the 18 Hung Kings. The main temple is a 19.5 m high circular block built on a square foundation, on an area of nearly 1,300 m2, implying Sky and Earth. Surrounding the main temple are 54 cylindrical pillars of 4.5 meters in height and one meter in diameter, forming a circle in the lake that symbolises the community of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam.

The pattern on the main temple is taken from the motifs on the Dong Son bronze drums

Van Phu - Invest collaborated with the Vietnam History Museum to document the patterns on typical bronze drums of the Dong Son period. Patterns on Ngoc Lu bronze drums belonging Dong Son culture period (2,000 - 2,500 years ago) are used to decorate the walls in the main display space, patterns on pillars, altar walls, slopes of the lake, and on the bow. Those patterns were highly accurate in every detail. At the front of the altars on the 2nd floor, the frieze pattern uses the content of many social scenes collected from the historical relics of the Hung King period.

The stelae house documents the historical summary of the Hung Kings' era

On the way leading the main temple is the stelae house built in the middle of the yard, on an area of more than 300m2 with 11m high, modelling the architecture of a traditional Southern village communal hall, with a tiled roof, supported by wooden columns. Inside, there is an overview of the history of the Hung King era.

Temple of Hung Kings in Can Tho City is a project carrying many spiritual meanings and continuing the precious tradition of drinking water, remembering its source. The project is sponsored by Van Phu - Invest with the desire to commemorate the merits of the Hung Kings, legendary founders of the Vietnamese nation, and at the same time create a new cultural highlight, becoming a tourism symbol for Can Tho, contributing to promoting the local socio-economy and culture.

Not only Hung King Temple, Van Phu - Invest has sponsored and built many other social projects across the country. These include the Road to Thuong Temple at the historical relic of Temple of Saint Tan Vien Son, Ba Vi, Hanoi, a primary school for ethnic minority students in Hoanh Bo, Quang Ninh, a Dioxin Victims Protection Center, Can Tho, along with many other meaningful works. The works demonstrate the corporate social responsibility of an enterprise always striving for the community.

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