Chairman’s Message

-VPI Board Chairman - Mr. To Nhu Toan-

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the last decade, with the unity, dynamism, and creativeness of the company’s leaders and tireless efforts of all officials and staffs, Van Phu - Invest Investment Joint Stock Company has made outstanding achievements in all aspects and become a prestigious and powerful firm specializing in urban investment, construction, and real estate development in Vietnam.

Driven by the slogan of “Cooperation - Development - Sustainability”, our primary goals in the coming years are to strengthen the cooperation with domestic and foreign partners, continuing to promote our existing strengths, maintaining sustainable development in our traditional production and business activities and expanding to other potential fields.

In the upcoming years, Van Phu – Invest targets at becoming among the top 5 real estate enterprises in Vietnam, as well as making our products an indispensable choice for those who desire to own an exceptional real estate product. With the formation of three product lines, from affordable, intermediate and deluxe ones, we bring to our customers a variety of choices in suitability to their actual conditions and needs.

Locating position as “dedicated real estate developer”, we have always upheld five core values, which are: Dedication, Collaboration &Sharing, Innovation, Quality, and Transparency”, which are not only a solid foundation, support for the development process, but also a red thread  throughout all business activities and operations.

Those core values are shown in Van Phu - Invest's continuous innovation, application of green technology, advanced techniques in construction, policies to attract qualified personnel, and a building of professional and dedicated workplace. Besides, we put on the top the factors of product, service quality, the satisfaction and the interests of the whole community – which has inherently become our corporate philosophy.

If you are potential Investors or Partners, we always welcome you on with the manner of mutual cooperation and shared prosperity.

If you are Customers, we always honor and treat you with a dedicated manner, with diversified and exceptional products.

Wishing you good health and success.

Warmest regards,


Dr., Architect To Nhu Toan