Coporate Culture

In addition to the recognized achievements, corporate culture of Van Phu – Invest characteristics is one of the greatest prides, the bricks laying a solid foundation for the formation and development of the company.

The core values ​​of Van Phu - Invest culture are based on 5 factors “Dedication - Collaboration & Sharing - Innovation - Quality - Transparency”. Therefore, we are constantly building a friendly, cooperative and sharing working environment that connects  members of the organization. 

Each member at Van Phu - Invest is fully supported to maximize the capability, respected, trusted and proud to be a member of Van Phu family. We perform the monthly attractive connection programs; establish sport clubs for employees, organize spring tours and annual  tours in a considerate manner... In addition, we always create meaningful charity activities and programs for the company's staffs to participate in and contribute such as Blood Donation, awarding scholarship  for poor studious students, visiting martyrs cemetery on July 27 ... as an act to show the responsibility of Van Phu - Invest to the community and society.

We guide employees to implement culture spirit according to the code of conduct of Van Phu - Invest to build generations of Van Phu people who are “DEDICATED” in thinking and in action, mutually contributing to the sustainable development of the system.

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