About Us

Established and developed since 2003 from the former precursor as Hanoi branch of Quang Ninh Housing Construction and Trading Company, Van Phu-Invest Investment Corporation has been recognized as a prestigious brand with numerous remarkable real estate investment, trading, business, construction, and development projects.

Driven by the motto of "Cooperation - Development - Sustainability", Van Phu has achieved remarkable success through numerous activities such as designing and implementing many large-scale contruction projects with total investment capital of up to tens of trillions of Vietnamese Dong, and implementing projects having significant influence on regional and national socio-economic development, such as Van Phu new urban area, The Van Phu Victoria, the Home City, Hung Son Villa, Giang Vo Complex... 

Van Phu's success has also been recognized through many prestigious awards, merit certificates from ministries and Hanoi departments as well as many other reputable independent rating agencies, namely...Chi tiết

Chairman's message

Ladies and gentlemen!

For more than a decade, owing to the unity, dynamism, and creativity of the company’s leaders and tireless effort of our workforce, Van Phu-Invest Investment Joint Stock Company has made remarkable achievements in all aspects and become a prestigious and powerful company in the field of urban investment, construction, and development in Vietnam.

Driven by our motto of "Cooperation - Development - Sustainability", our goal in the coming years is to cooperate with domestic and foreign partners, continue to promote our existing strengths, maintain sustainable development in traditional production and business activities, and expand investment in other fields of productions.

In addition to continuous applications of innovation, advanced technology and engineering, human resource development, professional corporate culture creation, and improvement of life quality for employees, we always prioritize product quality, services, customer satisfaction, and community benefits.
For our Investors or potential Partners, we welcome you with open cooperation and mutual development.

For our Customers, we value your patronage and greatly appreciate your confidence in us, to be able to provide you with diversified and excellent quality products

Wishing you health and success. 

Warmest regards,


To Nhu Toan, PhD, Architect


2/25/2018 11:57:10 AM

Van Phu - Invest Investment Joint Stock Company would like to announce that the State Securities Commission has issued Official Letter No. 6961/UBCK-GSDC dated 17/10/2017 on the approval of our application file for public company in accordance with the Law on Securities. Van Phu - Invest Investment Joint Stock Company would like to announce the information on becoming a public company as follows:

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