Van Phu New Urban Area

Located in the center of Ha Dong District, Ha Noi, at the intersection of Ring Road 3.5, in between two traditional village of Van La and Van Phu, the Van Phu new urban area with the total area of 94.1 ha inherited historical, traditional and cultural characteristics. 

The project has favorable location, especially being in close proximity with Hanoi, through extensive infrastructure network, including many important routes that carry strategic development significance to Hanoi: Lang Hoa Lac highway; National Highway 6; elevated railway running along National Highway 6; Ring road 4 of Hanoi; Le Trong Tan Street; Van Phu - Phuc La Street; To Huu Street. Simultaneously, Van Phu new urban has inherited directly the added value from successive socio-economic development projects such as: Project of culture, sport, recreation and entertainment green park (100 ha), New administrative center project (44.6 ha), elevated railway running along National Highway 6 (passing through the gateway to the urban area); Van Phu - Phuc La (passing through Van Phu urban area).

The Project was planned according to the idea and inspiration of bustling cosmopolitan in Tokyo while still being filled with natural ecologic greenery and airy space. The design of the urban area was based on the structure of the village with high sustainability, the temple with spiritual and social values; adhered closely to the strict regulations in the laws of Oriental Feng Shui. Common spaces for the community were focused to strengthen emotional connection and the residents’ quality of lives as well as preserve the beauty in the lives of the Vietnamese.

Van Phu new urban area is considered as a miniature city by showcasing the perfect combination of housing complex, commercial area, infrastructures, park, square... that provides a more convenient and civilized living, while remaining close with nature.

Van Phu new urban area with the extensive infrastructure network, coupled with two cultural villages to form a harmonious community with perfect blend of traditional and modern beauty.  

With the selection of leading partners in planning, design, construction, Van Phu new urban area has been awarded international award: BCI ASIA TOP 10 in 2011 for Top 10 construction investment, architectural design companies that had prominent projects with great influence in their communities .

Project information:
Project location: Located on Phuc La - Van Phu Street, Phu Lwa Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi
Function: High-rise complex, villas, ajacent area and public projects, complex project
Total investment: 18 trillion VND
Scale: 94.7984 ha in which: residential land for of 10%; villa and adjacent land of 28%; land for plantation of sports park 7%...
Inaguration: Year 2006
Implementation duration: Completed and handed over in August 2008
Investor: Van Phu – Invest Joint Stock Company
Planning organization: Vietnam Institute for Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning (Ministry of Construction) 
Design consultant: Nihon Sekkei Group - Japan
Management consulting agency: Apave Southeast Asia 
Construction supervision consultant: CONNINCO


Located at the heart of Van Phu new urban area, the 39-storey high-end apartment and service commercial complex of The Van Phu - Victoria is designed based on the iconic Victoria - Goddess of Victory, which is a landmark for this area. The project was recognized for its superior quality, higher than other products in the same market.

With diversified products and design adhering to feng shui to offer beautiful views, complete with natural light and airy open spaces, The Van Phu - Victoria has created a vibrant, modern, and civilized area in the heart of Ha Dong District with many superior facilities.

The transportation network in the new urban area was synchronously and modernly invested, with many advanced utility services such as commercial center, kindergarten, entertainment space for residents on 1st and 5th floors in order to offer a more convenient and fulfilling living. 

With the spiritual core of Asian philosophy and feng shui spirit, the buildings around are designed to give priority to ecological greenery, and surrounding water flows along the streets, focusing at lotus lake as the heart of the central square. Water is used as a natural method to create a connection, also to divide the busy shopping spaces between calming rest areas.

With the message “Connecting Civilization - Magnifying Wealth", The Van Phu - Victoria is regarded as a breath of fresh air, a contender in adding values to the rich and civilized land west of Hanoi.  

Project Information

Project location: Phuc La - Van Phu Street, Phu La Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi 
Function: Residential and office for lease complex 
Total investment: 2.5 trillion VND
Scale: Total area: 15,000 m2 ,  Gross floor area :  208,279 m2 (excluding 2 basements). Number of storey: 03 buildings, each 30 storeys. Number of units: 1,290 units.
Inauguration: Year 2011
Project progress: Handover in August, 2014
Investor: Van Phu – Invest Joint Stock Company
Planning organization: Vietnam Institute for Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning (Ministry of Construction)
Design consultant: Nihon Sekkei Group - Japan 
Structural design consultant: WSP Group (UK)
Management consulting agency: Apave Southeast Asia
Construction supervision consultant: CONNINCO


Project T36: to construct the University of Public Security Ordnance Technology campus in Ho town, Thuan Thanh District, Bac Ninh province with the total area of 26.3 ha following the government direction to encourage construction of international standard campus in Vietnam. This is the first project conducted in the form of a BT (Build-Transfer) Contract with the Ministry of Public Security, which has confirmed the effectiveness of the investment policy by capital socialization for social infrastructure. 

The project has 30 major sections divided into 7 functional areas including: administrative area, library, hall; classrooms, lecture halls; dormitory; housing area for faculty and staff; physical training and sports facilities; driving range. Technical infrastructure with total floor area of about 108,000 m2. This project has been synchronously invested and created a professional training environment for the police forces and lifting the whole residential area near Thuan Thanh District, Bac Ninh Province to new heights.

Benefiting from the close guidance from the Ministry of Public Security, local support, and determination of the school, the project was quickly implemented to meet all requirements, completed on schedule, soon facilitate and stabilize the training of 4,000 students of the University of Public Security Ordnance Technology.

Project information
Project location: Ho Town, Thuan Thanh District, Bac Ninh Province
Function: University campus
Total investment: over VND 600 billion
Project scale:    26.3 ha    
+ The project is divided into seven functional areas, including: Administrative, library, and meeting hall area; Lecture halls; Student dormitory; Housing area for staff and teachers; Physical training center; Driver training area; and Technical infrastructure area;
+ Gross floor area: approximately 108,000 m2.
Inauguration: Year 2010
Project progress: Handed over and operating since 11/2011
Project owner: Ministry of Public Security


Hanoi - Bac Giang Expressway BOT with a total investment of 4.2 trillion VND, is an important project to increase transport connection to promote industrial development, tourism and urban development. 

The project's total length is 45.8 km, with starting point at Km113+985 of the old National Highway 1 (at the intersection with National Highway 31) in Bac Giang city, Bac Giang province and ending point at Km159+100 of the old National Highway 1 (at the old Phu Dong toll station) in Gia Lam District, Ha Noi. The project’s implemented according to highway standard with design speed of 100 km/h. 

The project constructed 3 overpasses on national highways and provincial highway, including an overpass over National Highway 37 (Dinh Tram overpass), an overpass at Provincial Highway 398, and the Hung Vuong overpass.... 

In order to get return on investment, an open toll station was constructed at Km152 + 080 of the National Highway 1 in Phu Chan Commune, Tu Son Town, Bac Ninh Province with 8 lanes of 1 stop technology which could be upgraded to zero stops.

Project information
Project location: Bac Giang city, Bac Giang province until National Highway 1, Ha Noi.
Function: Expressway
Total investment: over 4.2 trillion VND 
Project scale:  Total length of 45.8 km 
Inauguration: Year 2010
Investor: Joint operation of Van Phu- Invest Investment Joint Stock Company, Ocean Group Corporation Joint Stock Company, Vietnam Construction Import and Export Corporation, and 319 Investment and Trade Joint Stock Company.


Following the government direction to encourage construction of international standard campus, the project to construct a new campus for the University of Public Health was implemented on a total area of 8.8 ha in Dong Ngac Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Ha Noi with gross floor area of 100,000 m2 in order to meet the training scale’s requirement of 6,000 students. 

This is one of the key projects and the first BT investment project of Ministry of Health, one of the key projects of the Ministry of Health attaching great important to contribute to the overall socio-economic development of Hanoi.

In phase 1, the project was implemented in the form of BT on the area of about 5.7 hectares, the total floor area of nearly 45,000 m2, meeting the training scale of more than 4,000 students. The main items of the project are: hall houses, 2 lecture halls, dormitories, Labo building - practice with ancillary products such as garage, warehouse, garden. The technical infrastructure is synchronous to meet the requirements of good connectivity with the area.

Van Phu - Invest Investment Joint Stock Company has instructed the departments to carry out construction sections of timely progress and good quality to meet the construction regulations and standards as well as aesthetics and other requirements of the University of Public Health on furniture and equipment to put the works into use. Therefore, it may achieve the best effect for the advanced teaching, training process of the university. This is also the first university relocation project of the health sector in Hanoi in the form of high performance BT in time. The success of the project is a precondition for the Ministry of Health to develop investment projects in the form of socialization of investment in the health sector, rapidly improving and upgrading medical examination and treatment of health conditions for the community.

Project information

Location: Dong Ngac Ward, Tu Liem District, Hanoi
Function: University campus
Total investment: VND 640 billion
Project scale:        
Total land area: 77,300 m2
Blocks: Administration hall, Lecture hall and dormitory, LABO clinic, garage, warehouse, greenery and garden.
Project progress: Inaugurated in 2015. Completed and handed over, operating since October 2016.
Project owner: Ministry of Health; Investor: Van Phu- Invest Investment JSC; Project Enterprise: Van Phu - Giang Vo One Member Limited Liability Company;
Investment type: BT Contract


The Victoria Shop-house in Van Phu Urban area include of 148 shophouses over a total area of 18,430m2 at Phuc la – Van Phu street - main road connecting a chain of urban areas in Ha Dong urban area, Hanoi city. 

The project is scientifically well-planned; each house has a reasonable area from 73m2 - 215.7m2, frontage from 5m - 7m, designed in European style to create a uniform and outstanding community.

The project inherits the extensive infrastructure network and many facilities available in adjacent areas such as hospitals, schools, shopping centers, etc. Residents as well as visitors can stroll on the densely-foliated footpath while visiting the bustling shops.

The highlight of the project is that the owners of these townhouses can combine business and residential purposes by using the first floor for commercial activities while the upper floors are convenient for private living spaces. These two functions are planned to follow international standards, both in accordance with the characteristics and habits of Vietnamese people, while ensuring safety, quality of life and economic efficiency. 

Fully integrated features from prime location, beautiful scenery to living practicalities, The Victoria Shophouse Project promises to be one of the busiest shopping center in Ha Dong district in the near future.

Project information
Location: Alongside Phuc La - Van Phu Street, Phu La Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi;
Function: Shophouse        
Project scale: 1.88 ha with gross floor area of 64,000 m2;
Total number of units: 148 units.
Project progress: Inaugurated in 2016. Handed over and operating since January 2017.
Investor: Van Phu - Invest Investment Joint Stock Company


Sapphire Tower is located at 83 Hao Nam Street, Hanoi, a prime location at the cultural and political center of Hanoi. Sapphire Tower is only about 800 meters from Hoang Cau Lake and 3.5 km from Hoan Kiem lake, and very close to the National Music Academy – the foundation for Vietnamese art. The project has a great advantage for commercial activities and transportation due to its close proximity to the Cat Linh - Ha Dong elevated railway station, and Le Duan - Nhon Metro station.

The project consists of a 13-storey residential and commercial service building, 3 basement levels, with facilities such as a nursery, restaurants, cafes...
The highlight of the project is the Shophouses with 7m frontage on Hao Nam Street, which will certainly bring commercial value and provide many benefits which are not only for project residents but also partly for the needs of nearby residents. The complex reveals the beauty of modern architecture and luxury, elegant facilities, in line with 5-star hotel standards such as infinity pool, Sky bar, fitness center, spa, meditation garden, restaurants... for residents and guests residing at the project's condotel.  
With the planning and design of the highest standard while still retaining its natural beauty, Sapphire Tower unites all modern facilities and class, facilitating customers to enjoy fresh, clean environment, to a positive and happy living. 

With the beautiful location, convenient traffic, outstanding architecture, Sapphire Tower project is expected to be a prominent pearl, attracting much interest of investors and customers.

Project information
Project location: No. 83 Hao Nam, Dong Da, Hanoi
Function: Residential, commercial service and office complex
Total investment: 
Project scale:
Total land area 0.681 ha. Low-rise block: Construction area 2,600 m2, gross floor area 10,510 m2 Number of lots: 25 lots
 High-rise block: Construction area: 1,148 m2, gross floor area 17,342 m2, 13 storeys and 3 basements; Number of units: 72 units 
Inauguration: Conducting experimental piling mass to implement the project.
Project progress: Expected completion 2019
Investor: Joint operation of Van Phu 2 Investment Jsc (a subsidiary of Van Phu – Invest Investment Jsc) and Printing and Stationary JSC.


Grandeur Palace-Giang Vo is a residential complex invested in the form of BT (Build- Transfer) Contract between Ministry of Health and Van Phu – Giang Vo One Member Limited Liability Company. 

Located at a strategic location in Hanoi’s political-cultural center, the project has a great advantage for commerce and transportation thanks to its close proximity to Cat Linh - Ha Dong elevated railway station, Le Duan - Nhon Metro station...

The project showcases “a diamond land lot” with ideal total area of 9,032m2, promises to create a splendid standard of living in the heart of the city. The project’s high-rise block spans over total area of 2,155m2 including 22-storeys residential, condotel complex with 4 level basements. The low-rise area features 32 mansions with European neoclassical architecture. 

The distinguish characteristic of the project is the entire parking lot located under the basement. For low-floor residential area: private garage is set right under each house, very convenient for the travel of owner. On ground level, residents can stroll in tranquil gardens as well as the quiet streets similar to Europe, separated from urban life’s discomfort. The apartments in Grandeur Palace - Giang Vo are designed for maximizing open spaces, aim to welcome more natural light.
Grandeur Palace - Giang Vo is aiming to create a perfect living space, with services and security system which are self-contained, high-class and in line with international standard. Residents and visitors can experience the full range of modern, essential amenities, from education, health to leisure, to business.

Top floor presents an infinity pool, 50 meters in length; classy sky bar along with modern gym, beauty spa and the tranquil meditation space shall assist residents in each and every way, enhancing their best experience.

The project is in sync with modern living nonetheless still maintains a sustainable ecological style; buildings are designed in harmony with the surrounding landscape.

The project is breath-taking but still maintains a sustainable ecological style: the blocks are designed in harmony with the shape of the land will bring a space of natural light and a sense of calm.

Besides modern living experiences, Grandeur Palace - Giang Vo promises to be the place where people gather, headed for prosperous living in the near future. 

Project information
Location: No. 138B Giang Vo street, Kim Ma Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
Function: Commercial service, hotel, lowrise housing
Number of lots: 25 lots
Total investment: 1.4 trillion VND
Project scale: Total land area: 9.031 m2, Low rise block: Gross floor area: 13,909 m2; number of storey: 04 storeys. Number of lots: 04 lots; High-rise block: Construction area: 2,155 m2 , gross floor area: 35,861 m2, Number of storeys:22 storeys and 4 basements; number of units: 143 units
Inauguration: Expected inauguration in 2017 and completion in 2019
Project progress: Expected completion in 2019
Design consultant: Areb Ville (France)


Conveniently located on To Huu Street, Ha Dong district, The Victoria - An Hung is a commercial and service apartment complex with fully functional space, alongside other urban areas West of Hanoi (Van Khe urban area, Duong Noi, Park City ...) to form a modern, unified urban complex.

From Victoria - An Hung, it’s convenient and easy to navigate and connect with central region via To Huu - Le Van Luong Street, Thang Long Avenue, Nguyen Trai Street through major roads such as Le Trong Tan. 

The Victoria – An Hung area with total of 29.45 ha is designed in a synchronous with modern approach. It consists of 3 mixed apartment buildings and commercial services space of 45 floors, 3 basements and 3 floating floors reserved for parking, low-rise residential area with 166 houses in the style of neoclassical architecture in Europe and other ancillary products such as schools, kindergartens, chained restaurants, lakes, heated swimming pool, gym, shop house, ...

The infrastructure network has been gradually shaped and will continue to complete in the near future, capable of meeting all needs such as: Ha Dong international hospital, international school, Astronomy Park, 12ha Detention Basin (lake), and especially AEON MALL is expected to come into operation in 2019.

The distinctiveness of the project is the unique, resort-styled living experience in the very heart of Hanoi’s cosmopolitan. Victorian - An Hung is considered attractive from the luxurious lifestyle, and synchronous utility function has become first choice of up-and-coming professional and successful intellectuals seeking to find a place called home.

Project information
Location: An Hung New Urban Area, La Khe Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi
Function: Commercial service, apartment and low rise housing.
Project scale: 
Total land area 35,574 m2 ; Low-rise block: Construction area: 11,383 m2, Gross floor area: 62,703 m2, 5-7 storeys 
Number of units: 166 units; High-rise block: Construction area: 5,973 m2 , Gross floor area: 225,547 m2 , 45-storeys
Number of units:  1,320 units
Project progress: Low rise area expected in 2018-2019, High rise area expected in 2018-2021
Investor: Van Phu – Invest Investment Joint Stock Company


The investment project for the construction of the connecting section from Pham Van Dong street to Go Dua intersection in the form of BT (Public Private Partnership) shall be implemented in Thu Duc district, with the land area planned for use. Approximately 28 hectares with total investment of more than 2.4 trillion dong.
The objective of the project is to connect the main transport axes and step by step close the Ring Road 2 under the transport development plan of Ho Chi Minh City up to 2020 with a vision after 2020.
The connecting section was built from Pham Van Dong street to Go Dua intersection, length of more than 2.75 km in phase 1. Besides, the project also has the construction of 3 Rach Lung bridge, Rach Ong Viet and Rach Go Cat with the length of each bridge is 79.67m.

In phase 1, the cooperative units also built new drainage system, trees, lighting, road signaling system ... and some auxiliary items suitable with construction scale.

Project information
Project location: Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City
Function: Road
Total investment: nearly 2.5 trillion VND
Project scale: 2.75 km
Investor: Van Phu-Invest Investment JSC and other partner in joint operation
Project company: Van Phu - Bac Ai Joint Stock Company

Project at 129 Dinh Tien Hoang

In TP. Ho Chi Minh City, Van Phu - Invest Investment JSC also amplified the heat of the real estate market with many projects, including the project 129 Dinh Tien Hoang.

The project is located on Dinh Tien Hoang Street, between Vu Tung - Dinh Tien Hoang crossroads and Dinh Tien Hoang - Phan Dang Luu intersection, on the road connecting District 1 city center. Location is convenient for transportation and trade, only 3 km from Ben Thanh market and 11 minutes by car, designed in the style of Australia combined with Vietnamese values.

The project is built on a land area of 7,200 m2 with 20 floors including 515 luxury apartments, 4 basements comprised of 3 floors for cars, 1 floor for supermarkets.

The project also enjoys modern and synchronous social infrastructure such as parks, supermarkets, hospitals and schools, as well as in-house facilities such as shops, swimming pools, GYM rooms, child-care centers, cafe - restaurants, movie theaters ... The highlight of the project is the penthouse with swimming pool on the 20th floor. The design of the project focuses to improve viewpoint.

Project information
Location: No.129 Dinh Tien Hoang, Ward 3, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City
Function: High-end apartment
Project scale: + Total land area: 7,200 m2 + Gross floor area: 84,325 m2 + Total apartment: 473 units + Number of storeys: 20 storeys + Basement: 03 floors.
Implementation duration: Pending approval of the 1/2000 local adjustment plan; being evaluated the price
Progress: Expected to be completed in 2019
Investor: Van Phu - Bac Ai Investment Joint Stock Company (subsidiary of Van Phu - Invest Investment Joint Stock Company).


The project is designed in the typical style of apartment hotel situated in a stunning location in Quang An, Tay Ho district, Hanoi. The area is just 4 km from the center of Hanoi Old Quarter, and 45 minutes to Noi Bai airport; Living space with approximately 1,000 hectares of greenery and water surface, romantic scenery, therefore  West lake is always first choice for foreign visitors to Vietnam.

West Lake serviced apartment project consists of 15 floors, 1 basement, 1 mezzanine with 28,454 m2 of floor area, 265 4-star standard apartments, ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms. The 15th floor has 5 luxury penthouses. The project also owns a wide range of high amenities such as Eurasian restaurants, cafes, shops, clinics, infinity pool, restaurants, and rooftop bar.

Perfect location, convenient transportation, peaceful living environment, harmonious with nature, all requirements for shopping, entertainments, food, relaxation, health care and energy rejuvenation shall be catered to. The architects also carefully calculated to ensure the design of modern projects, upstream style but preserve and develop the surrounding ecological landscape.

Project information
Project location: Alley 17/35 Dang Thai Mai, Quang An Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi
Function: high-end apartment and hotel
Total investment:  460 billion VND
Scale: 4,632 m2 Total floor area: 32,056 m2; Number of storey: 15 storeys; basement number: 01 storey; Mezzanine level: 01 storey; Number of hotel apartments: 200 apartments;
Inauguration: September 2016
Progress: Commencement in 2017 and expected completion in 2019
Investor: West Lake One Member Co., Ltd.
Design consultant: Local Joint Stock Company
Investor: Van Phu - Invest Investment Joint Stock Company