Driven by our motto of "Cooperation - Development - Sustainability", we always strive to expand cooperation with partners to promote our existing strengths and develop our business.

Continue to build Van Phu-Invest’s brand as a strong multi-disciplinary company that takes product quality as a measure of stability and sustainability based on maintaining and developing our traditional strengths of real estate investment, and continue to invest in business expansion in various fields, ensure that Van Phu-Invest has a strong economic potential to compete with other enterprises domestically and regionally ; 

Create projects, products and services of superior quality to bring more value to customers, contribute to national position, increase people life quality, create a sustainable, trust worthy and international brand…

We are always aware of cultivating and enhancing our capacity, attaching great importance to our commitment to partners and customers to participate in the real estate market in the most professional way.

Our goal is to diversify real estate products, especially housing to meet the needs of the market, overcome the phase difference supply - demand in the real estate market, contributing to stabilize market, promote economic development and ensure social security. Focus on large-scale, large-scale complexes in major cities and continue to expand in strategic cities.

Especially, we always focus on the growth of green space, develop utilities for customers in the maximum way. We are always aware of our responsibility, not only create a home for each family but also exploring and providing utilities around to create value for each customer.



Van Phu-Invest is proud of its professional, experienced, enthusiastic employees who are highly responsible towards their work and society. We are well aware of our company's core values, and are committed to delivering superior quality products and services to our customers and society, which goes beyond customer's needs.
Always take human resource as the core centre for development and establish corporate culture with humanity and responsibility towards community, environment, and society.

Van Phu - Invest is the second home of every employee, an area to build relationship of employees, their daily working place, where to proud and reach the target. The culture of enthusiasm, efficiency, discipline and consensus has created the strength to help Van Phu - Invest stand firmly and develop rapidly through the wind.

Satisfaction and trust of customers is the guide for Van Phu-Invest's development activities. Setting high demands on ourselves, being creative in our work, being responsible to our partners, our customers, our responsibility to society are our guiding principles.

To create the elite products, our collective regardless of difficulties, always strive for a sustainable development Van Phu - Invest, for a better life for future generations.


Regarding human resources as our company's competitive advantage, our company leaders have always paid close attention to the development of our human resources from recruitment, training - development, salary - incentive - welfare, benefits policies, and working environment.

Recruitment Policy

We aim at developing professional, creative, enthusiastic, experienced, and skilled human resources; therefore, our recruitment policy not only focuses on those who meet current job requirements, but also for future company development.
The recruitment process is open, fair and transparent in order to find potential employees to contribute to the development of the current staff and meet the requirements for company expansion of business scale and multi-disciplinary activities.
Each position and job title of the recruitment industry in line with the business of the company has its own recruitment criteria and is implemented in accordance with the company's procedures. We value human resources through true ability, attitude and morale. We always keep the principle of fairness, transparency, objectivity, honesty, regardless of race, gender, age ...

Training And Development Policy

Our company always considers human resource training and development is the investment strategy for the company’s future. In order to train and develop our human resources as a strategic investment for future success, Van Phu-Invest  regularly carries out specialized training courses simultaneously with soft skills training to constantly improve work efficiency, assist our employees to achieve their career goals, and progress further on their career path.

Salary - Incentives – Welfare Policies

Besides offering competitive salaries, bonus schemes to create incentives for employees to increase productivity, commitment to the company, and attract talented people, Van Phu-Invest also pays special attention to incentive and welfare policy for all employees. 

Working Environment

The company’s development depends on the contribution of our employees. Therefore, we always try to create the best conditions to facilitate our employees to achieve their best capacity, knowledge, learning and self-development to contribute to the long term development of our company. Van Phu-Invest is a professional, modern, friendly working environment that honors every employee's effort and achievement. Each individual has an equal opportunity to be promoted, which is the development force of the company. 
Extracurricular activities such as sports, tourism, and arts are organized periodically to motivate and enhance the cohesion and harmony among employees.


Prestige, brand name of Van Phu - Invest Investment JSC is built from the real value of the products that we bring to customers. Van Phu - Invest always do our job with our heart so the product can be valued more than what is committed.

The housing projects of Van Phu - Invest have all the functions of outdoor and indoor facilities: amusement - entertainment, shopping, education, community activities ... All are modern and superior. Fully meet the diverse needs of different classes of people, from elderly to young, from single households or families of generations.
We focus on the architecture beauty not only in the project planning but also of each project's items. The decor is stylish and flawless.

For each project, the common spaces are the "art exhibits", which are reflected in the overall harmony of architecture, with the highlight is the European-style statues, lakes, streams, small landscape, ...

Towards the goal of sustainable development, with us, projects are not only beautiful in terms of architectural design, full of utility but also green spaces. Green spaces increase the aesthetics, create richness, harmony in terms of shapes, colors, increase ecological factors in urban landscape architecture and help balance and protect the environment.

Therefore, we always create projects with elements close, harmony with nature so our customers can enjoy the fresh and green air. Factors such as trees, water, space, natural light, energy saving are always of special interest to us when deploying the works. As we understand, with the green buildings that we do, the urban development will be balanced and sustainable, the living environment of our customers will be better.


"Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the commitment of businesses to contribute to sustainable economic development through compliance with standards on environmental protection, gender equality, labor security, labor rights, equal pay, staff training and development, community development, quality assurance ... in a way that benefits both the business as well as the general development of society".

Each step of Van Phu – Invest’s development is closely linked to social responsibility, with respect to history and culture. As our company's core values, we are always committed to delivering our mission to society, customers, partners, and employees.

Responsibilities to society, customers and market
To society

In addition to our responsibility to fulfill financial obligations, tax obligations, and legal regulations in the specialized sector with the government, Van Phu-Invest  always expresses our commitment to society through high quality, safe, sustainable products, that are harmonious with nature, and contribute to changing the face of urban areas and improve social life.

Every year, the company obeys the laws in production and business activities such as commitment to pay full and correct taxes, types of social insurance, health insurance, UI and other revenues as prescribed by law. In August 2014, Van Phu - Invest has received a certificate of good performance of tax obligations in 2016 issued by Hanoi Tax Department.

To customers and market

Van Phu-Invest pursues a goal of always striving to create superior quality products to meet the growing demand of customers. Van Phu-Invest 's commitments to carry out our responsibility to society and contributing to building a sustainable and stable real estate market are also recognized by prestigious national and international awards for leading professional  real estate developers both nationally and internationally. 

We set high standards for our products and adhere to those stringent requirements to ensure the full benefits of our customers. From research, design ideas, planning, supplier selection, material management to construction, customer service, etc. all processes must be of good quality, handed over on schedule. Many projects of Van Phu - Invest have received prestigious awards both domestically and internationally, demonstrating the company's commitment to social responsibility in striving to build a stable and sustainable real estate market.  Most recently, Van Phu - Invest has also received the certificate "Famous Brand - Competition Brand in 2017" by Vietnam Intellectual Property Association in association with Vietnam Media Association, Association of retailers Vietnam, becoming one of 50 well-known brands in Vietnam.

Responsibilities to shareholders and employees

To shareholders
Van Phu-Invest develops transparent policies and always provides accurate business practice reports that ensure the company's transparency.
We work hard to ensure that our economic growth is profitable for our company's operations and helps increase our shareholders’ and develop income.

To employees
Van Phu Invest's foremost responsibility is to create a professional working environment, so that each individual can maximize his or her potential, contribute to the overall development of the company, increase income, and create motivation for self-development.

We not only focus on human resources training, to improve the knowledge and skills of our employees to develop their career, but also to nurture professional ethics for each person. Therefore, the overall business activities of the Company are in accordance with the cultural, ethical and traditional values of Vietnamese society.
We carry out full insurance policies for all employees as well as be always interested in the physical and mental health of employees. Our company has a separate kitchen to serve lunch, a free yoga room for staff, and holds annual medical examination for employees. The company also organizes a lot of activities to connect staff together and with the company as their second home.

To society
Aware of social responsibility with our business philosophy of "Sharing profits with the community", during the past years, Van Phu-Invest  has always responded and cooperated with major undertakings of the Party, the Government, and the Central Vietnam Fatherland Front through numerous programs to express gratitude for families that served the revolution, support for people affected by floods and natural disasters, and new rural development programs, especially social security work programs, and have with a total amount of up to 32 billion VND from 2011 to June 2017. Many groups and individuals of Van Phu –Invest have received certificates of merit from ministries, and central and provincial authorities all over the country for their contributions.

•    Organizing a volunteer movement for community life; gratitude, social security activities: Organize the "Journey of gratitude - Gratitude is the sign of noble souls", directly to burn incense, donate wreaths at historical sites such as Truong Son Cemetery, Road 9 South Laos Cemetery, Quang Tri Citadel, Dong Loc Toll, Support for Martyrs' Day in Quang Ngai of VND 200 million (2017), support for gratitude funds; poor families, policy beneficiary families, poor children who overcome the difficulties of good education, elderly associations, veterans' associations: Charity work for poor households in Ben Tre province of over VND 336 million (2015), purchase Tet gifts to poor households in Ben Tre of VND 110 million (2016); Contribute to charity fund for poor people in difficult circumstances, gratitude fund, building houses of gratitude, war invalids and martyrs day in Hanoi with the amount of nearly VND 1 billion;

•    Support for the construction of irrigation works such as build irrigation canal in Ho Town, DA T36, Bac Ninh province of VND 250 million in 2012, roads and bridges in Thoi Hoa hamlet, Thoi Hoa commune, Thoi An commune Chau Hoa, Giong Chom district, Ben Tre province of VND 1 billion (2017); Contribute money for environment improvement Ho Dam Khe, Ha Dong, Hanoi (two times) of VND 3 billion;

•    Supporting, rebuilding, renovating schools, cultural facilities such as communal houses, pagodas ... in localities with the amount of nearly VND 14 billion: Support for reconstruction Dong Côi village of VND 50 million; Support for the restoration of Village Hamlet of Hamlet of VND 20 million, Construction of the hamlet of Ca village - Thuan Thanh - Bac Ninh of VND 500 million (2011); Building Dong Cui cultural house in favor of Thuan Thanh district - Bac Ninh of VND 1.9 billion (in 2012); Construction of Dinh Phong My, Ben Tre of VND 7.5 billion (2016); Contribute to renovate Tan Vien Pagoda in Minh Quang commune, Ba Vi with the amount of VND 01 billion; Support for upgrading and renovating Dinh Quan Phượng Tri, Dan Phuong in both batches of VND 300 million; Donating the merit to build Bao Nghiem Pagoda, Hanoi 100 million; Supported the People's Committee of Phu Lam Ward, to support the project of restoration and embellishment of Dinh, Chua in Quang Lam, Phu Lam, Ha Dong of VND 250 million; Supporting the renovation and restoration of Van Phu Pagoda, Phu La Pagoda, Ha Dong (03 tranches) of VND 03 billion; Supporting the Management Board of the restoration fund to restore Ba Vi cultural relics (Thuong Temple) with the amount of VND 580 million; Supported Van Phu cooperative to renovate Uncle Ho memorial area with the amount of VND 50 million;

•    Supporting flood victims, people in remote areas, fishermen in poor island districts, such as visiting and gifting on Bach Long Vi Island of VND 32 million (2011); Directly to visit and give gifts to people in the Central flood region of VND 600 million (2016), ...

•    Supporting study encouragement movements: Supporting the Study Promotion Fund Nguyen Huy Tuong of VND 100 million (2016); Commitment to build a boarding school in one of the mountainous provinces in the North, Central or South West (2017);

•    On health, Van Phu - Invest has implemented many programs such as supporting the construction of medical centers, supporting the purchase of medical equipment ... for the poor and poor patients in remote areas. Strengthening the movement of health training for residents of projects such as building gym, free yoga room ... Van Phu - Invest signed a commitment to investment cooperation - development, and financial. VND 40 billion to renovate, upgrade and build 1,000 toilets of all public schools in the capital city (2016). In early 2017, the company donated VND10 billion to the free colorectal cancer screening program in Hanoi, helping about 140,000 people, and is expected to donate 10 billion VND to support nearly 150,000 more people in the program.

As a corporate citizen, we are committed to contributing a better quality of life to the community, and we believe that our actions will contribute to the spread of good things.

Responsibility to the environment

Van Phu - Invest is also consistent with the importance of protecting the environment, creating a community friendly living environment close to nature. This policy is concerned and implemented right from the stage of planning, design to the application of technology, materials, equipment, construction solutions, friendly with the environment.
We understand that fulfilling social responsibility will give Van Phu - Invest a more sustainable development path in the future. Should we commit to putting CSR into business life as prices