Homebuyers are becoming more and more strict in choosing architectural space

As the types of real estate are becoming more and more diversified, the choices of buyers are gradually going into depth with more emphasis on architecture, landscape planning, internal and external utilities ...

"House" is not merely a place to stay

Hanoi capital is one of the biggest economic centers in the country, with a strong urbanization speed, a fast pace of life, and continuous work. Therefore, the needs of young people when choosing current housing projects are often oriented to the standard of living space, minimalist but convenient, scientific but handy, to help separate from the noisy, smoke, meet the needs of settling people amidst the hustle and bustle of life.

This also explains why customers are starting to pay more attention to housing projects that are well planned for landscape architecture, integrating a variety of internal and external utilities, helping people get a space. living comfortably, being able to enjoy your life to the fullest, in order to renew your energy and improve your spiritual life.

Dr. Le Ba Chi Nhan - Economist, analyst, pointed out that real estate projects well absorbed by the market are those capable of creating resonant value chains, besides the right apartments. There is surrounding space and associated services.

In the market report, the Vietnam Real Estate Association (HoREA) devotes many pages to assess the change in current housing choice of customers. “If in the past, people who wanted to buy a house just wanted to have a place to live, now they pay much attention to the quality of accommodation. Specifically, customers target projects that have many internal facilities and a large green area.

Surveying in some real estate projects, buyers carefully asked about internal facilities, swimming pools, schools, especially the construction density and green area. It can be seen that home buyers are gradually changing the way they choose their living space. ”, The report said.

The Terra - An Hung redefines the concept of "home"

The trend of choosing apartments based on design and landscape elements is shown quite clearly, when the end of June, the real estate market in Hanoi suddenly "stirred up" when the investor Van Phu - Invest officially launched The Terra - An Hung project, located in An Hung urban area, Ha Dong. This is a project that receives a lot of reviews and positive feedback on smart design, diverse utilities.

Ms. Le Hoai Linh, a future resident of The Terra - An Hung project, shared: “I think the house is not merely a plac  e to stay, but it must be a true home with material values, Spirit is guaranteed at the maximum. Therefore, when I saw the utilities and landscapes of The Terra - An Hung project, I decided to buy an apartment in the hope of having a long-term residence for the whole family.

The apartments at The Terra - An Hung follow the rules of clearly delineating common space - separately, making the most of the area, harmoniously combining the spaces, so that the living room and bedroom all have adjacent to the outside, natural light, helps increase air circulation ...

In terms of utilities, The Terra - An Hung uses 5 floors of apartment tower as a commercial center, health care service area such as four-season swimming pool, sauna, spa, gym, yoga, play area Children, kindergartens, community room. In addition, parks, squares, lawns, playgrounds ... are also integrated into the ingenious and harmonious combination in the campus, creating a green and peaceful living environment in the middle of the city.

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