200 million dong to be sponsored by Van Phu - Invest to make your dream house come true


The reality show "La Nha.." (Home Sweet Home) has recently been launched by Van Phu - Invest. In this TV show, not only 10 living spaces miraculously transformed but also 10 dreams turned into reality with emotional and humane life stories.

According to the traditional philosophy of Vietnamese people, a stable life facilitates a prosperous career. Therefore, each living space in the house is not only a place to rest after a day of hard work, symbolizing the hardships and efforts of the previous generation, but also a place to nurture dreams, protect, tolerate, and witness the growth of the younger generations.

Understanding that the real estate developer - Van Phu - Invest (VPI) has collaborated with WowMedia to launch the reality TV show called "La Nha.." (Home Sweet Home). Not just an ordinary knowledge-sharing program about architecture, La Nha integrates expertise with each host's personal story to create a program that has the power to move the audience.

Each house took shape making one dream of the owner come true.

La Nha is like an "incantation" that turns the wish of "renovating" the house into reality. 

Coming to La Nha, the lucky audience with an inspiring story selected by the Organising Committee will be consulted and repaired one living area in their house.

Notably, audiences becoming the characters in the La Nha TV show will immediately receive a present equivalent to 200 million VND (not converted to cash) to cover parts of the renovation costs. Not only that, the show brings everything else you need to renovate the house, from design consultancy by prestigious architects, to professional construction units, and a series of gifts from leading suppliers of furniture, household appliances, and building materials.

Join the casting round now to have a chance to receive 200 million, making your dream house come into reality!

The casting round of the program is as follows:

From June 22, 2022 to June 28, 2022: Casting characters for La nha program. Open the registration portal to receive stories of characters.

From June 29, 2022 to July 2, 2022: Interviews face-to-face or through online meeting platforms with the characters having the most compelling stories.

July 6, 2022: Announcing the name of 10 characters selected to participate in the program.

The program will be broadcasted periodically on VTV3 and multiple online platforms, Mega Livestream and the media system of VCCorp Corporation.

La Nha production team is ready to make your wish come true. Please tell us your emotional stories with beautiful hidden dreams so we can start turning your dream living space into reality.

La Nha - The reality TV show "refreshes" the familiar home of participants. Each living space will be turned into an ideal resting place comforting emotion and containing the meaningful story of the owners themself. Not just a program about ordinary architecture, La Nha integrates expertise with each host's personal story to create an emotional and humane program.

Do you have a living space that needs to be "refreshed"?

Do you have a deeply emotional story and a passion for beauty?

Please tell La nha, so we can start turning your dream home into a reality.

The program is created by Real Estate Developer Van Phu - Invest (VPI) together with WowMedia. Media sponsors: VCCorp, Admicro, ELLE Decoration and House Addiction.

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