Grandeur Palace - Giang Vo: The perfect contrast between tranquility and noise in the city


Grandeur Palace - Giang Vo, a peaceful oasis in the middle of a noisy center, is considered a manifesto of the upper class, which brings together an elite community with unique, luxurious and comfortable living experiences.

Grandeur Palace - Giang Vo project is located at 138B on Giang Vo street, Kim Ma ward, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi. It has a golden position, right at the intersection between the busiest streets of the capital such as Cat Linh, Hao Nam, Giang Vo; near Cat Linh station, the first station of the Cat Linh - Ha Dong aerial tram route and Kim Ma metro station, connecting Nhon - Kim Ma - Le Duan route is in the urgency of completion.

Grandeur Palace - Giang Vo offers easy access to important cultural and political centers such as Ba Dinh Square (5 minutes), Imperial Citadel of Thang Long (8 minutes), West Lake (10 minutes) , Hanoi Railway Station (10 minutes), Viet Duc Hospital (13 minutes), Hoan Kiem Lake (15 minutes), Opera House (17 minutes) ... and entertainment spots, mega-commercial centers.

As one of the few projects with a prime location in the city center, Grandeur Palace - Giang Vo impresses with the peace of a closed complex, in stark contrast to the noise outside. The project offers a romantic, peaceful experience with a paved walk, flanked by flower gardens interspersed with trees.

Interwoven with the sophisticated neoclassical architecture of the villa block is the strength, sophistication and modernity from the 22-storey tower. The entire tower surface is covered by clear glass, which not only brings high aesthetic value, but also helps open a wide view, covering the entire urban landscape.

In addition to putting in many green spaces within the project's premises, establishing amusement parks and community activities, investor Van Phu - Invest also creates a green and peaceful living environment through the development of underground transportation routes underground. Accordingly, all vehicles coming in and out of the project will be arranged below the ground, without affecting the upper campus to help residents have peace and quiet, children will have a safe playing space”, representative of Van Phu - Invest shared.

Grandeur Palace - Giang Vo with a limited number of apartments, targeting a high-income customer group, so the utility services included in the project are also carefully considered and selected by Van Phu - Invest, to ensure meeting the needs of the most demanding customers.

In particular, there can be personalized services such as butler service, bonsai care, organizing a party at home, shuttle bus service with the world's leading famous brands ... Served by a professional, experienced, 24/7 team.

In addition to ensuring privacy, investor Van Phu - Invest also dedicates resources to investing in other high-end facilities to serve customers' entertainment and entertainment needs. Most of the facilities will be concentrated in a modern 22-storey tower located on the project campus with a business center, convenience stores, Asian and European cuisine restaurants, health care complex, spa, VVIP luxury living room, ... reaching a 5-star standard.

In particular, the international standard swimming pool with sky bar at the top of the tower is considered as a highlight of utilities. This is not only a relaxing place, opening up a spacious view from above, but also promising to become a frequent frequented by the upper class in the heart of the capital.

Grandeur Palace - Giang Vo - a pioneer in the high-end real estate segment of Van Phu - Invest, expected to come into operation in 2020, will be a key project in Hanoi in particular and the country as a whole. In general, it plays an important role in improving the appearance of the city.


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