The Terra - An Hung: Experience the wonders in a few steps

Hanoi is about to have a unique glass bridge, which spans throughout three tall towers, opening up a view that embraces the whole landscape. The bridge is expected to become a "unique check-in" point in the West of Hanoi.

Glass bridge - A unique architectural feature

As a symbol of connectivity, modern urban development, glass bridges have broght an endless source of inspiration for architects. They are put into application in tall towers, creating new and unique features, in order to increase the aesthetic value for the whole project.

This special architecture has helped many apartment projects, offices, commercial centers become famous in the world, a destination to attract visitors. These include three bridges at the International Trade Center of Bahrain (Bahrain island nation), with three large wind turbines, 29 meters in diameter, with a capacity equivalent to 25kW, helping to increase the power supply. Necessary for the operation of the tower.

Another example in China, the reverence at the Linked Hybrid complex is a frequent destination for Beijing youth. Eight modern high-rise tower blocks are connected by overhead glass bridges, integrated within the community living space with walking paths, shopping, multi-functional entertainment ...

IN Malaysia, the glass bridge between the Petronas twin towers has become a symbol of this Southeast Asian nation. Located at an altitude of 170m, the glass bridge offers an open space with sweeping views of the city, which is the most famous "check-in" in Kuala Lumpur whenever tourists visit.

Sharing the inspiration for prosperous connection, a project with a design similar to the bridge at the Petronas Twin Towers, the glass bridge is located on the 33rd floor of The Terra - An Hung project - a complex of houses and commercial centers being construction in Ha Dong district, Hanoi attracted the attention of the city residents.

According to information from the investor - Van Phu - Invest, the bridge has a total length of 23 m, spanning three towers of the 45-storey project, using bearing steel and concrete floors with a live load of up to 360 kg / m2. In particular, the entire surface of these two 2.7 m wide bridges will be covered by clear glass, helping to open up a large view, embracing the landscape of the western area of the city.

Not only is the unique mark of architecture, when officially put into operation, two glass bridges located on the top floor of The Terra - An Hung will help residents living in the project to have a sightseeing and mailing place. new relaxation, at the same time is expected to be an interesting attraction, attracting many tourists in the capital"  representative of investor Van Phu - Invest shared.

Collecting the landscape - Living to the fullest

The Terra - An Hung project is a complex of 166 luxury shop houses and 1328 high-rise apartments. Not only having impressive design, The Terra - An Hung is also welcomed by customers by dozens of advanced facilities integrated inside the project campus. These include the common living space covered by green trees and water surfaces such as parks, flower gardens, fountains, amusement parks, internal walking streets ... The project is adjacent to the Astronomy park and a 12-ha air conditioning lake. This is an ideal space for residents who want to find a peaceful living space which is close to nature.

The 5-storey podium of residential towers has large space for modern amenities such as shopping centers, kindergartens, cafes, restaurants, four-season swimming pools, gyms, yoga, reading rooms, and community activities ... forming a perfect ecosystem. This area is suitable for young and dynamic residents.

Especially, in this November, the largest supermarket in the North - Aeon Mall Ha Dong, located near The Terra - An Hung project is officially opened. It will turn the western area of the city into a vibrant, bustling more, is the entertainment destination, the top shopping choice of the people.

Thanks to its outstanding advantages, The Terra - An Hung has quickly gained market share, with the number of transactions increasing rapidly from mid-2019 to the present. According to the Report of Real Estate Market Report 3rd Quarter 2019 of Vietnam Real Estate Association (VNRea) and Vietnam Real Estate Brokers Association (VARs), The Terra - An Hung is one of 5 drainage projects in the third quarter, with high absorption rates, are being welcomed by customers and investors.

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