Unique architecture symbolizes the strength of national great unity

The groundbreaking of the Temple of Hung Kings in Can Tho City was held in June 2019. After more than two years of construction, the Temple was officially inaugurated on April 6, 2022 (March 6 of the lunar calendar). It instantly becomes an attractive tourist site for people all over the country, especially residents in the Mekong Delta region. At the same time, the Temple promotes the tradition of “Drinking water remembering its source” of the nation.

The Main Temple takes shape after a stylized Ngoc Lu bronze drum.

The temple is located at Vo Van Kiet – Dang Van Day streets (Binh Thuy ward, Binh Thuy district, Can Tho city) on a total scale of about 3.9 ha, including the following items: the Main Temple, Nghi Mon [Main entrances], the Operation House, the Service House, the Stelae House, Lawn, Internal Roads, Trees and Plants, Lake, etc.

The design of the main gate is inspired by the image of the stilt houses with boat-shaped roofs on Dong Son bronze drums.

In particular, the highlight of the work is the Main Temple in the central area, taking shape after the image of a stylized Ngoc Lu bronze drum with 18 bows representing the 18 Hung Kings. The Temple is a 19.5m high circular block with a diameter of about 90m, placed on a square floor of 6,500m2, symbolizing the harmonious combination between Sky and Earth, referring to the legend of “Banh Chung – Banh Day”. Surrounding the Temple is a system of 54 pillars, 4.5m high and 1m in diameter, as a symbol of the solidarity of 54 ethnic groups on the S-shaped land.

The Ngoc Lu drum placed inside the main altar.

Besides, the main worshipping area of 400m2 is the place to worship the National Ancestor – Hung Vuong, the Foremother – Au Co, the Forefather – Lac Long Quan, the Paladin and the Military chief. In the main altar area, there are 18kg of soil, 18 litres of water, ancestral incense sticks and offerings made by the People’s Committee of Phu Tho province; such as the Hung Temple bronze drum version, set of octagons, bronze bells, ancient bronze drums, etc. These were carried from Hung Kings’ Temple in Phu Tho province to offer spiritual energy to the Temple. The main hall of the altars on the 2nd floor are intricately designed reliefs, depicting patterns and motifs adapted from legends and historical records.

The main worshipping area at the temple of King Hung in Can Tho City.

The Stelae House is a building 11 meters high with a tiled roof, combined with wooden columns, built in the middle of the yard with an area of more than 300 square meters, modelled after the traditional communal house architecture in the South. 

The main gate of the building is inspired by the stilt house with a boat-shaped roof, as illustrated on Dong Son bronze drums. It has one main door and two side doors, clad with Thanh Hoa green stone and the words “Temple of Hung Kings” appear prominently above.

From a bird’s-eye view, the whole area is designed in the shape of a stylized map of Vietnam. On the temple premises, there are two regulating lakes symbolizing the sovereignty of the Hoang Sa and Truong Sa archipelagoes of Vietnam and showing the beauty of the typical river culture of the people in the West.

Van Phu – Invest promotes the national spirit through indigenous design features.

Understanding the importance of cultural and historical values and wishing to contribute to the preservation and conservation of the original culture, Van Phu – Invest sponsors the design and construction of Hung Kings’ Temple. The aim is to spread the tradition of “Drinking water remembering its source” to future generations.

After nearly 20 years of establishment, Van Phu – Invest is known as a dedicated real estate developer. The corporation owns a team of experienced architects; with the capabilities to develop modern and methodical urban planning, and unique architectural designs evidenced in many large projects stretching from North to South.

Serenity at the Temple of Hung Kings in Can Tho City

Therefore, when implementing the Temple of Hung Kings project in Can Tho, Van Phu – Invest conducted thorough research in collaboration with the Vietnam History Museum to learn about the typical bronze drum patterns of the Dong Son cultural period.

The typical patterns and motifs of the Dong Son period were meticulously carved on the pillars, altar walls, and bows in the main spaces, creating a cultural and spiritual space typical of the Viet national spirit. They help to re-create the heroic historical periods of the nation throughout thousands of years of history.

The bas-relief in the main altar is delicately carved.

With the social responsibility of a business always working for the benefits of the community, with the advantage of a team of “professional experts”, Van Phu – Invest sponsored and built the Temple of Hung Kings with a unique design, contributing to the spread of the humane values of the Vietnamese people – “Drinking water remembering its source”.