Van Phu – Invest devotes many resources to studying and researching the latest technology and creative solutions to apply to its business and management. Since its establishment, Van Phu – Invest has always appreciated the importance of environmental protection and sustainable development, dedicating resources to investing, researching and applying modern equipment to our business, and employing environmentally friendly building materials, etc.

For housing design, Van Phu – Invest pays special attention to the practicality & purpose, shared utilities, using natural materials with high durability, safety and energy saving characteristics to increase efficiency and sustainability over the time. In 2018, Van Phu – Invest and its partners conducted a trial run of solid waste treatment technology for the first time in Vietnam in Grandeur Palace – Giang Vo project, which satisfies EU6 environmental standards (EU 4 standards are now applied in Vietnam).

This technology made a breakthrough in solid waste treatment in capital city. The treatment process is implemented in three stages: crushing, roughing and filtering. Especially, this modern technology allows crushing concrete blocks up to 60x80cm in size and automatically filtering iron and steel from concrete. The machine can filter materials from fine sand to 3x4cm particles. Finished particles are then used immediately as construction materials, recycled aggregate, or leveling materials. This is a practical and useful alternative source replacing the natural raw materials currently used in construction works.

Grandeur Palace – Giang Vo applies solid waste treatment technology in the demolition stage

The outstanding features of this system are highlighted by its large capacity (from 120 to 250 tons/hour) without occupying too much area, ability to operate in densely populated areas, and suitable for many types of demolishing works.