On March 25, 2023, Van Phu – Invest cooperated with the Vietnam National Children’s Hospital to carry out a blood donation program at The Terra – An Hung project, Ha Dong. The event attracted the participation of hundreds of volunteers resulting in 300 units of blood were collected.

Van Phu – Invest staff and residents of The Terra – An Hung attended ‘Sharing Saturday’ – the blood donation program.

A red drop of blood for a greener life

‘Sharing Saturday’ event with the message “A red drop of blood for a greener life” is a blood donation program held by Van Phu – Invest Investment Joint Stock Company, in collaboration with the Vietnam National Children’s Hospital, carried out at The Terra – An Hung project (Ha Dong, Hanoi). Participating in the event were all the staff from Van Phu – Invest, doctors and nurses of the Vietnam National Children’s Hospital, residents living at The Terra – An Hung project, and many volunteers from universities, colleges and people living and working in the area. At the end of the program, 300 units of blood were donated.

Residents of The Terra – An Hung and people in the surrounding area wait in line to donate blood

Mr Nguyen Huy Hoang, Van Phu – Invest’s Chairman of the Trade Union, representing the investor of The Terra – An Hung project, shared: “In our 20-year development journey, Van Phu – Invest has always determined to attach the interests of the business to the development of the community, especially future generations. This cooperation program with the Vietnam National Children’s Hospital is one such activity, with the desire that more children will be saved, and more hopes are given, so that we can have a better future where green life continues to grow from shared red blood.”

Mr Nguyen Huy Hoang – Van Phu – Invest’s Chairman of the Trade Union, spoke at the event.

Doctor Ha Thi Thanh Huyen – Head of the Blood Transfusion Department of Vietnam National Children’s Hospital – expressed sincere gratitude to Van Phu – Invest and its volunteers. The doctor shared that in recent times, the Vietnam National Children’s Hospital has fallen into a state of serious overload blood usage and lack of blood reserve. Therefore, there are times when to give timely emergency to pediatric patients, doctors and nurses must directly donate blood. Therefore, this program is vital for patients and is an encouragement and essential support for medical staff.

Spread kindness further

“Although I have participated in blood donation many times, this time of blood donation is more special for me when the donated blood will be given to children. As a mother, I understand, sympathize and feel sad when I see children in critical situations needing blood. So, when I know that my gift of life can save a child, I’m ready and happy to give,” shared Le Ha Trang, a resident of The Terra – An Hung project.

Volunteers joined enthusiastically and joyfully.

Like Ms Trang, Mr Nguyen Hoang Ha, a resident participating in blood donation, said: “I am excited that there is such a meaningful program like this right at the building where I live. It is well-known that each time we donate blood, we can save up to three lives. For pediatric patients, one unit of blood can even save 4 to 5 children, so I feel very proud. Thank you to Van Phu – Invest for organising meaningful activities, which not only help connect the community here, but also create conditions for us to do more good things.”

The happiness of volunteers when donating blood to children

Blood donation is one of the activities that Van Phu – Invest cares about and organises to encourage the sharing and spread the sense of responsibility to the community to most of the employees as well as residents inside the project invested by the enterprise.

During the 20-year development journey, Van Phu – Invest has also had many practical activities to support disadvantaged children, such as setting up a study promotion fund, giving scholarships, building schools and social work centres, etc.. to care for future generations.

Van Phu – Invest has received certificates of merit from the President, the President of the National Assembly, Ministries, and agencies for outstanding contributions to the general development of the whole society.