Chairwoman of the National Assembly of Vietnam awarded businesses with significant contributions to the community.

At the present, Van Phu – Invest is implementing meaningful volunteer programs for staff to participate such as blood donation, awarding scholarship funds for under-privileged students and visiting the martyr’s cemetery on July 27 every year, etc.

Van Phu – Invest’s people took part in blood donation

Among past and ongoing social activities, Van Phu – Invest pays special attention to investment in the development of future generations by regularly participating in the movements to promote education funds, awarding scholarships to underprivileged students,  building schools, and sponsoring talent development programs and helping children with serious diseases, etc.

Văn Phú – Invest trao học bổng cho các học sinh có hoàn cảnh khó khăn tại Bến Tre

With a wide range of social activities and an increasing budget, Van Phu – Invest aims to establish a Social Sustainability Fund in the future to implement its social programs in an independent, creative and effective manner. Specifically, the Fund will help Van Phu – Invest gain full initiative in regulating and investing its budget, focusing on education encouragement funds and talent development programs in accordance with its long-term goals and orientation, further enhancing corporate social responsibility.

Van Phu – Invest sponsored Tien Phong’s Golf Championship, aiming to raise money for Young Talents Fund

After nearly two decades, Van Phu – Invest has been constantly developing and joining hands to contribute to the creation of a prosperous community, as well as an improved and more humane society.

Van Phu – Invest sponsored building Dong Son Primary School, Hoanh Bo town, Quang Ninh.

Van Phu – Invest in gifted wheelchairs for disabilities at Ben Tre Social Protection Center