Symbol of the strength stemmed from the great unity of the people

“No matter going back and forth/One must remember the anniversary of the 10th of March” – The familiar folk song has gone deep into the subconscious of Vietnamese people for generations, reminding each of us of the tradition of “Drinking water remembering its source” and being grateful to the predecessors who built the country.

The worshipping of Hung Kings is a unique beauty in the spiritual culture of Vietnamese people

Hung Kings worshipping beliefs were formed and developed in the Vietnamese community thousands of years ago. Imbued by the story of national origin and the respect towards the ancestors who had built up the country, each citizen shows inarguable reverence to the Hung Kings. Therefore, though there were many ups and downs in the history of the building and defending the country, the belief of worshipping the Hung King has been preserved intact and has become a beauty in the spiritual culture of the Vietnamese people.

Currently, there are 1,417 relics nationwide for worshipping the Hung Kings and generals of the Hung Kings period. In particular, 345 relic sites exist in Phu Tho province and are associated with the worship of Hung Kings. Among these, Hung Temple Historic Site is ranked as a special national relic.

On the 10th day of the 3rd lunar month annually, Vietnamese people all over the country eagerly return to Hung Temple (in Viet Tri City, Phu Tho) to offer incense to pay their respects to the merits of the ancestors who built the country.

Via the recognition of UNESCO, the Hung Kings worshipping beliefs have transcended national boundaries to become a globally cultural heritage that needs to be preserved, and is encouraged to be practised in many countries worldwide.

Temple of Hung Kings – A spiritual tourism highlight of the Mekong Delta region

Understanding the desire of the people in Can Tho City in particular and the Mekong Delta in general, the temple of Hung Kings has just been constructed in the land of Tay Do – Can Tho. This place becomes a spiritual convergence place to worship and honour the Hung Kings in the Southern land and connect with the Hung Temple in the Northern land.

After more than two years of construction, on the evening of April 6 (March 6 of the lunar calendar), the inauguration ceremony of the Temple of Hung Kings in Can Tho city was held with the participation of more than 500 guests who are senior leaders of the Party and State, news agencies and press.

The Temple of Hung Kings in Can Tho city was built on a total area of about 3.9 hectares.

With a total area of about 39,000 m2, Hung King Temple includes the following main works: Main Temple, Main Gate, road yard, stele house, memorial house, service house, operator house, etc.

In particular, the main temple impresses spectators with the design of a stylised bronze drum combined with patterns and motifs bearing the characteristics of the Hung Kings’ era.

The Hung King Temple depicts a unique architecture with typical motifs and patterns of the Hung Kings

The key cultural and spiritual building in Can Tho City was designed and constructed by Van Phu – Invest Joint Stock Company with a total investment of about 129.5 billion VND.

Through this work, Van Phu – Invest wishes to contribute to preserving and promoting the original culture, thereby spreading the precious patriotic tradition to the young generation.

After the inauguration ceremony, the Temple of Hung Kings in Can Tho City has attracted a large number of visitors, with hundreds of thousands of people right on the first day of opening. The site contributes to promoting tourism, economic, cultural and social development of the locality in particular and the Mekong Delta in general.